Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer bug

After having a wonderful time in Whitby  last week we have sucumbed to a horrible bug. Mine started on Saturday with a bit of a sore throat that got worse and ended up with me in bed by 5pm. Since then Ive had a real runny nose and now a cough. Dennis has got it as well so we have spent the whole day in the shed feeling sorry for ourselves. Its the first time Ive been really unwell since Chemo and as usual developing a temperature on Saturday night threw me into a bit of a panic. However I am over it now, although I am feeling weak still. At least I know its a ' normal' bug and nothing to worry about. But you see thats the point now, any little thing sends me into a reeling panic. But accepting that will happen helps me to deal with it. I just have to get on with it and get over it.

Looks like we are definately going to Spain in August so I can attend the Physical mediumship course. We have found a nice apartment on a golf complex so will be self catering for a change, which will be good. If apparently has its own Jacuzzi- oh I can see me now- Cava in hand lying in the Jacuzzi after a hard day at the seminar. Dennis feeding me Olives. Brilliant. Still have to firm up Goa in November, which we still intend to do, just felt too ill to arrange ( shows you how poorly we felt).

Have a few treatments this week, but thankful its been quite quiet as I would not have been able to do them. Funny how something so simple can knock you for six isnt it?

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