Monday, 30 July 2012

More weird stuff

Weird stuff keeps happening. Looking through a magazine at the weekend I saw a house which looked just like the big house I saw in my past life regression. And when Dennis checked it was built in the 16th century so would tie in with the time and it was in Hertfordshire so the area would be about right. It felt really strange because I really felt I recognised it. It might not be THE house, but it was really similar which once again makes me feel that my regression really was that. Could it really be true that I was alive in 1566 ? 
Had another strange event the other evening.  We went to see Simon Goodfellow at the local theatre and afterwards I felt totally manic and buzzing with energy. And I totally freaked Dennis out because he said my eyes were vivid blue. When I looked in the mirror I saw these Turquoise orbs glaring back at me, and I felt as though I was lit up from the inside.!  And again today the same thing happened after I had been watching some Bali trance dancing on Utube and had been playing with my pendulum. Dennis the skeptic is so facinated he keeps telling people.  And after it happens I feel really nervious and sensitive and I really have to concentrate on grounding myself. I'm worried poeple will think we are losing it. But really I find that I just want to sit and stare into space and am content to just 'be'. Which isnt me at all. I know we were warned that events would continue to unfold once we had left Bali but I had no idea this kind of thing would be happening. I just wish I could make some sense of it. But I can only hope that all will be revealed in due course. Its just all really unsettling in one way and yet strangely calming in another. Now I know that doesnt make sense !!

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