Monday, 23 July 2012

Busy weekend

Had a great weekend at the MBS Fair, met up with a lot of my old customers, who didnt know I was ' back in the saddle' . Such a peaceful lovely atmosphere, and great energies.  Our stand was next door to Simon Goodfellows- the clairvoyant with whom Ive been attending courses. So it was great to have a few laughs and jokes during the quieter times ( not that Simon had any). Today I am feeling a bit tired and stiff, having done about 16 treatments over the 2 days. My right arm is complaining a bit, so I am listening to my body and resting it ( well only typing). I am not doing any treatments until Thursday so will be well rested by then.  I'm in no hurry these days, have learnt to take things easy and enjoy.  Lifes sweeter that way I can assure you.
Am still feeling a big pull toward something, but still cant tie it down. Weird I know. And annoying and frustrating for me. I do know I'm not the only one feeling like this. Its as though a shift is coming, I can sense it but have no idea of what it will entail. Its a bit like a kid looking forward to Christmas, the promise of what will be in the stocking on Christmas morning.  Gosh as I typed this a big gust of wind has blown in and smashed a picture I had up in my shed of Lumbini. Shards of glass are all over my floor. Another little job for me.
Very frustratingly I am not having any luck in finding a local venue in which to hold my meditation classes. I have a few people interested in learning but the halls are either booked out or the Revs and Vicars wont allow it. Can you believe that?  One local Vicars said its too new age ! Meditation is nearly as old as time, wouldnt you think the church would appreciate a group of people taking time out for quiet reflection ?? Its no wonder their congregations are dwindling.
I have nearly completed my essays on my experiences in Bali. Perhaps I will post those too

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