Thursday, 19 July 2012

MBS Fair

Getting ready for the local Mind Body Spirit Fair this weekend. Another event/ happening that I thought would not be done again. Ha so funny how all these milestones come and go and another crops up. It will be fun to be there, always an enjoyable event. But this one will be even more special for that.
 Just returned home from a Reiki session at the Odyssey. Had a wierd vision of the infinity symbol as soon as David started on me. Not sure what it means, but David and I always have a very indepth spiritual discussion before the session. And today I was talking about taking on more energy work. And how I have a real need to keep writing and recording everything. In fact still mulling over the idea of bringing my experiences all together and writing a book. Energy work always makes me feel very creative. Somthing is bubbling just below the surface of my sub concious and I cant quite reach it, but I know its there. Its as though I am creating something deep within. I can feel it but cant quite identify it yet. Its very frustrating, but I even enjoy writing about that. Its as though I need to pour out all my feelings, the good, the bad and the down right ugly. Its quite cathartic, but as my thoughts and feelings duck and dive its hard to pin them down to paper sometimes. Maybe sometime soon my mine will relax and allow this ' thing' inside to come out, I feel it will be like giving birth.  We'l wait for the labour pains. 
As for the rest of me, I know that since my return from Bali I am much stronger. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I didnt think I worried too much before about what people think, but now I realise I care even less. I also have a new found strenght of mind. I know what I want- isnt that great ? To no longer have to factor in other peoples opinions?  Ok I mean I am still open to suggestions and opinions that are constructive. Just not worrying about getting it wrong. Afterall what does it really matter?  I'm not a brain surgeon. So if I get something wrong its my mistake and I can learn from it. Its much better than doing what someone else tells me and then it going wrong. I guess I am just taking responsibilty for my own actions at last. How great is that ?

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