Saturday, 14 July 2012

Just a normal night in Bali

Hope you enjoy my next offering, this one has been bursting to come out, so here it is ...

Oh my God, please not me again!!  The Naga was coming straight at me; his long black hair was standing out from his body, his eyes red and bloodshot, staring straight at me. This time I was frightened.

Minutes earlier we had been briefed with regard to our meeting with the Naga. Ken our guide had warned us not to fight it but just to relax and let it do its work. Naga‘s are earth spirits that work for the good of man. Thimm our healer was going to invite the spirit of the Naga from the depths of the earth, into his body, to channel the energy so that the Naga would have access to our energy bodies to ‘eat’ out any negativity or bad energy that could cause us problems and disease in the future.

Before Thimm became the Naga I noticed him scanning us all with his eyes, and he kept coming back to me. I didn’t say anything to the others but somehow I knew I would be the first to be cleansed. As Thimm began to channel the spirit his body began to change in front of our eyes.  He is a tiny little man, but as the Naga entered his body grew. The change was astonishing, and pretty scary.  His long shiny hair became course and thick and stood out from his head. His eyes got bigger and redder. He started making low guttural noises that developed into loud roars.  Once the Naga had fully entered his body it grabbed a handful of lighted joss sticks, about 15 in all and put the lighted ends into its mouth bit them off and ate them. The energy in the room was super charged, it had completely changed from a few minutes earlier.  The Naga then started to run around the room, in front and then to the back of us. Ken and his helpers were running around to, coming behind us when the Naga was in front and then chasing around in front of us when the Naga approached us from the rear. It appeared like an ethereal game of tag. The tension in the Ashram grew.  My friends and I glancing at one another and then back at the spirit, trying to guess who would be chosen first.  I could see a mixture of fear and amazement in their faces which I knew I was reflecting back. Was this really happening? Suddenly the Naga stopped in its tracks, my friends and I like frightened rabbits in the glare of headlights, frozen to the spot, unable to move stared back. Then the spirit and I locked eyes. I was aware in that brief moment of time that I was looking into the eyes, not of a quiet peaceful little man but a primeval seething energetic mass of malevolence. Something much older than time. It truly was not of this world. The tension was mounting. Just as I tried to look away it ran across the room, straight for me. Ok so this is it, I was correct, I was first. Its eyes by now were brilliant red, seemingly lit up from the inside by the flames of the incense. As it charged I was vaguely aware of Ken and his helpers running behind me. As the Naga made contact I remembered Ken’s words and opened my arms to receive what was coming. I was not however prepared for the force of the contact which knocked me straight off my feet. The boys caught me and we all became entangled as they held me, to protect me from hitting the floor and to assist the Naga.  And here we were, the Naga started to bite my right breast. I could feel his mouth on my implant, he didn’t use his arms, which remained limp by his sides, but the power was immense. He was right on top of me, growling and making chewing eating noises.  I looked up and saw my friends looking down at me, some were looking very concerned, other stifling nervous laughter. Was this the normal behaviour of a Balinese healer?  I felt like the victim of a gang rape, being held down for the gratification of the leader, only my logic told me this was not so. The Naga was moving now up to my collar bone. This was where the Cancer had spread in my lymph nodes, I have a dark patch there, a memory of the radiation treatment. It continued up my neck although it was working in my energy field now so at least the actual biting had stopped.  Then as suddenly as it started the spirit jumped up and left me. Lying in a dishevelled heap of the floor. I scrabbled to cover my modesty as the boys lifted me back onto my feet. Thank god it’s over, now I can relax and watch the Naga work on my friends. They all shot me a glance to check if I was OK, after all they would be next. I glanced back with an I’m OK look to put them at ease.  The Naga commenced its strange prancing, again looking in turn at each of us. Just as I was telling myself to relax and enjoy as my ordeal was over we locked eyes once more. Oh no please God, I recognised that look. Once again I was in the glare of the headlights. No one said it would come back a second time. Surely not? Then the familiar rush of bodies as the Naga came back, the boys surprised as well only just got to me as the Naga pounced. This time I couldn’t help myself and my arms shot across my body instinctively in self-protection. It was of no use against the Naga. This time it went to the left side beneath my left breast and started feeding. My friends as surprised as I was were now looking at me in shock and concern. The boys, trying to keep me from being hurt as we rolled around on the tiled floor. I was by now feeling shock and horror, when would this surreal ordeal end?  What was it that made the Naga come back, what had it found? Once again as suddenly as before the Naga shot to its feet and left me. I had had enough. Please don’t come back. Go to one of the others.  And it did, one by one it picked off my friends, some were bitten on the back, some in the stomachs. Then it turned on the healer’s wife and daughter (something it apparently never does). And then onto the guys that were helping us. No one escaped.  I was so glad I was first as it was almost as horrific to witness as it was to participate.  In the end the Naga was appeased by being given a whole raw egg, which it devoured. Then after a quick race around the Ashram it collapsed onto the floor and the healer got up. Once more the quiet gentle man that he is.  He just got up and gently laughed, checking that we were all OK.  The weird thing is after all that had happened to us we didn’t really discuss it. We just went to the bar as if it was just another normal Saturday night.



  1. eh.... you are not selling to trip to me Bronia!!!! that part of it sounds pretty hard going!!!!

    1. No it was wonderful to witness. Wouldnt have missed it for the world.