Friday, 6 July 2012

Back to Normal ?

Gosh its been so long since I posted !! I now have a new treatment room at the shop. Its all green and blue- had to be as I have been obsessed with those colours since Bali. I also have a six foot high Buddha print on the wall, care of the local printing firm that I have been driving nuts to produce just the way I wanted it. When I went in and said this is what I want, the guy designing it said, ' my mother told me never to say I want, you should say this is what I would like'. To which I said ' thats fine, you can speak the way your mother would like, if that sits well with you, as for me, I want, and always will '! Anyhow I got what I wanted ( of course). Poor Dennis has been slaving away painting the room - just the way I wanted it ( of course) for which I an extremely grateful, and a little guilty. Anyhow I have anounced on facebook that I will open next Wednesday, however the Universe as always has other plans and I am booked to do a back massage, tomorrow. That said I am receiving bookings for Bars, my newest therapy, which is energy work- which is really where my heart now lies. The local newspaper tell me they will come to the local Mind ,Body, Spirit fair and do a feature about that, and will also come over to the shop and have a BARS session and do a bigger spread on that in a few weeks !! So far so marvellous !  And breathe !...
Anyhow fingers crossed I shall continue just the way I am and can reinstate my business. For now I am just grateful to be where I am and shall make sure I enjoy it. Bugger just burnt dinner - gotta go !

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