Monday, 12 November 2012

Chiang Mai

Here we are in Chiang Mai, we are staying in a lovely hotel, our room is in the middle of a beautiful garden. It reminds me of  the hotels in Bali. After the noise of Bangkok its really quiet, theres no sounds only a tinkle of water from the water feature outside our room and the occasional sound of an exotic bird !!
So nice to be out of Bangkok, although I enjoyed seeing it, I was getting a bit fed up with seeing old men with young girls. Last night as we came out of the hotel an English guy was warning his Thai girlfriend to behave herself, I really had to restrain myself as they had been at the pool earlier and he had been bossing her around then. It was embarrassing to say the least. Then we met a girl in our lift who said she was looking for room 1001, so we dropped her off on the 10th floor. I know its a way of life but I am not used to having it shoved in my face. I think if I stayed too long in Bangkok I would have to become a madam and get these girls organised and get the guys to show them a bit of respect ! Hah imagine that !! Anyhow have developed a runny nose and sore throat and so have had a quiet afternoon at our hotel. Later we shall set out to explore the night market and tomorrow we shall walk to the old city and visit some temples there, just need to shake off this cold !

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