Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Feeling better daily although obviously its early days. But the fact that I feel so good only one week after my Op I feel is a good sign.  My stomach wound is all scabby as you would expect and I look forward to the time when all that starts to fall off, which should be quite soon.  The only problem I now have is backache, which is basically because I have not been doing anything and laying around. So weather permitting ( its freezing and raining as I type this) I plan to go for a short walk today, which should help.
We had a bit of a crisis yesterday when I took a shower. The dressing covering my belly button started to come off.  Whats the problem with that I hear you say. Well although I am quite happy to look at the wounds on my new breast and the cut across my stomach from hip to hip, I have a problem with the fact that my belly button has been excised from its original surroundings and my newly formed stomach has been stiched into place around it. Nuts I know. Anyhow did bring myself to look at it and actually it looks fine, it certainly feels ok. So I did replace the dressing as thats the only place where I have stitches that have to be removed and they tend to catch. I am very pleased with everything and my recovery. Am meditating daily and doing my usual little practices, so I am in a very good place.
I have an appointment at the hospital on Friday when I assume they will remove my stitches and look forward to getting on the Collagen bed to further aid the healing. Now I can comfortably sit upright I also intend to continue on my book which is making good progress.  And of course continue working on my strenght and fitness. 


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