Monday, 29 October 2012

Eureka !

Yes I have it ! Just as I was saying that the Universe was ignoring me and also saying that I wanted a ceremony of gratitude in Thailand, it happened.
Dennis opened the Sunday Times travel supplement and there was an article about the forth coming Buddhist ceremony in Thailand called Loy Krathong. Its a ceremony to thank the water goddess Phra Mae Kongka and takes place on the 28th November ( our last night !)  Apparently on this night all Thai's make thier way to rivers or the sea after dark with offerings called Krathongs which sound very similar to the offerings on Bali in that they are made from banana leaves or coconut shells and contain flowers, incense and candle's. The idea is that this little boat is floated on the water and you give thanks and make a wish. Ideally for it to work the candle must remain lit until it is out of sight. The other interesting fact is that the water goddess is adopted from the Hindu tradition where she is given the title of goddess of the Ganges. Perfect, a lovely mix of my two favourite cultures/ religions and  the way of offering is now very dear to my heart ! And how amazing is it that this is on our last night, we shall be in Bangkok and shall be able to make our way to the river. Thank you Universe you have provided me with the perfect way to show my gratitude, I cant wait- the syncronicity of this is complete verification that we are going to be in the right place at just the right time.
On a very sad note it appears that Bernie Nolan ( of the sisters) has announced that her breast cancer has come back after 3 years, and having been given the all - clear. It has spread through her lungs, liver brain and bones and is now incurable. Bastard, bastard disease.  Now you know dear friends why I am not prepared to hang up my travelling boots, not yet.

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