Monday, 14 January 2013


Thought it was about time I updated my blog. A few things has happened. I have the opportunity to return to Bali in June. However that has been put on hold until I get to Hull on Wednesday to see a plastic surgeon regarding my reconstruction. I have already been back to see Jenny Smith about the Op but on talking it over it appears that her type of Op can lead to hernia and as I still want to be able to massage the other type done by Hull seems to be the better option. That together with the fact that Jenny couldnt do the Op till March- she seems to think I would get it quicker with the Hull option.
As usual because I have decided to get it done, I expect it to be done ASAP. This shall come as no suprise to any of you I know.  So shall wait and see what this guy says. You may wonder why I have decided to get it done, well really its simply that I want a tummy tuck !! HAahah had you all going there ! Seriously its because the temporary implant has gone really hard and has moved upwards !! Yes it has defied gravity, same the other one hasnt. As well as that I am getting really bad cramp like pains in my right arm if I extend it backwards and outwards. I am seeing a physiotherapist tomorrow for this but again Jenny thinks it might be improved by getting rid of the implant. So really the time has come. It has served me well through all my travels, but shall be glad now to get rid of it.
So Bali has been put on hold until I get some idea of the Op date. In my head I had decided that I should have the Op and then go back to Bali to receive healing. To be fixed like I was last time. And to once again leave the ordeal on Bali. As one of my spiritual advisors said ' Bali seems to be the place that you go to for healing and to leave all the bad stuff, like an emotional dumping ground'. And he's right, thats what I want. To have the Op and then go to Bali to recover and leave the bad stuff behind. So I'm sending this out to the Universe, Op first then Bali in June please !
Had a good couple of days in Newcastle doing the last part of the Meduimship course with Simon Goodfellow. As usual met some nutty and some nice people and suprised myself at my Psyhic prowess. Simon is allowing his students to do platform work at his 'evenings' and offered me the chance to do this at his Immingham do in a couple of weeks.  I dont have the confidence to do that so have said  I will think about it.
Have also decided to adapt my blog into some kind of book. Has taken me a while to be able to revisit it without getting tearful. But feel the time is now right. So watch this space......

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  1. looking forward to your book, i think its brilliant idea to turn your blog into a book - sort of doing the same myself except without all the guff! just healing stuff but with my humour and way of learning included. We can do joint book signings!!!! lots of love suzxxx