Wednesday, 2 January 2013


So its 2013, we have been having a few lazy days which has been great. You know we all need some 'down time' proper time when we can be quiet and just be.  Oh its easy to find jobs around the house- we have loads- but sometimes its good to get back in touch with the person inside you, with your higher self, thats the part of you that needs to be fulfilled and happy and listened to. Be warned, ignoring that strong clear voice is not good for your health !
I have also been catching up on some reading but also meditating and reflecting on what I am going to do next and listening to that voice. Some of it is out of my hands at the moment as I have decided to have a reconstruction and am waiting another appointment with a different Doctor to sort out when and where.  The date will also have an impact as it looks pretty certain that I shall be returning to Bali in June. This probably means that I wont have a reconstruction before I go as I will need time to recover. So even though I had 'decided' I would have it early this year events have overtaken me and Bali must come first. The Universe has spoken!
As for the rest of my year that again will depend on my Op but we have already been discussing plans, so at least once we know timescales we can plan around them.
As for myself I remain in a good place, in fact its been really nice to spend some time in my home for a change. We have had a great Christmas and New Year. I am looking forward to returning back to work for a bit, although next week I am in Newcastle completing my Masters of Mediumship with Simon Goodfellow, which will be fun. I really would like to get to grips with my Meditation  and Reiki teaching so will be pushing that a bit more.  I am also working on a book, it is coming along very slowly, but nonetheless I am going to complete it. So you see I have quite a lot of stuff going on in the next year, so bring it on!

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