Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Ok so today I went to Castle Hill in Hull to discuss other option with regard to reconstruction. Met a really nice Doctor - Mr Akali who says he doesnt like temporary implacts as they do move upwards- like mind has and cause discomfort. He recommends full reconstruction with the Mastectomy - job done! So wish I had spoken to him before I had the initial Op. It just goes to show that they each have their own opinion.
Anyhow no regrets that part has been done. Moving on it has been decided that I will go for a Diep flap and the operation will be performed in Hull. Diep flap means that the skin for the reconstruction will come from my stomach ( so I in effect get a tummy tuck). The alternative choice was to take muscle from my back, this is a quicker op with less chance of failure, but as its muscle rather than fat it can develop a twitch ( I know someone with that and its not nice)  and as I intend to keep all my muscles in place and use fat - which is more disposable- I have decided on the less easy option, typical. When they asked when I wanted it I said ASAP as Im going to Bali in June. As recovery time is 10-12 weeks the earliest they can do is March. That will be just about OK, although I told them I am available any time and can go at the drop of the hat if they get a cancellation !! LOL. So now have to wait a couple of weeks to get the actual date. I had to also acknowledge that ladies with cancer and opting for immediate reconstruction would take precedence and therefore it is possible that the Op could be postponed at the last minute. But they would do their best to get me in as soon as they could and its usually within a week, which is fair enough. And so based on the information I have decided to go ahead and book Bali. If I get postponed too much I would have to postpone the Op until I get back- which I really dont want to happen and have done my best to persuade them I need it doing before. Of course I couldnt tell them that I need it before as Bali is the place I go to for healing and leaving crap behind me, they might think me strange, but I have decided to go back to Bali and left it to the Universe to sort out the dates. Thank God I have made a descision !! It has been driving me nuts for weeks!!

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