Saturday, 15 February 2014

Arya Tara School

We've had another lovely day. This morning we visited the Arya Tara School founded by Ani Choying Dromla, a young nun famous for her music. We last went two years ago and it was great to see how it has developed in that time. We were shown the newly finished guest house which looked very comfortable. We talked with the young nuns and played with the little ones, some as young as six years old. Some are here because thier family can't afford to keep them ( girls are not as valued as sons) and some have been rescued from the sex trade. From a very sad beginning this place is full of laughter, fun and smiles. Lots of smiles. It feels so humbling to see. We donated my small notebook PC and some other bits and pieces and they were so grateful we wished we could give more. At first some of the little ones were a bit afraid especially of Dennis and Chhewang, but it didn't take long for them to feel at ease and join in. The view from the nunnery looks back over the Kathmandu valley and it is stunning. Such a lovely peaceful place. Coincidentally Ani Cholin and 20 of the nuns completed their Chod practice a couple of days before me so we had that in common to chat about too. 
For lunch we returned to the Stupa and found a local animal charity there working on the street dogs, some of which were really enjoying being groomed and taken care of. Usually during the day they just lie in the street asleep, but they must have recognised the charity workers because they were flocking around them wagging their tales. So many good causes and so many beggars, we try to give a little to each, but there are so many.
And tonight we are having dinner with our friends Chhewang and Rajive so we are looking forward to a good catch up.

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