Tuesday, 11 February 2014


We have arrived!!! We had a few problems at Delhi airport where Indian red tape meant that they sold our Kathmandu flights as we were 5 minutes late in checking in, due to Indian red tape. This aroused the Deva in me and she somehow managed to get us back on the flight!! So here we are recovering from a jet lag massage on the roof terrace of our hotel which is definately yet the best hotel in Kathmandu, with a glorious view of the Stupa, I say recovering because although we were fully clothed it was a fantastic massage. The therapists who probably weigh half as much as me, climbed on top of us and manipulated our bodies into positions not achieved in several years. The result is we both feel great! I got the giggles at the sounds coming from the other bed as Den is not quite as supple as me so a very light first morning. Kathmandu air however is starting to work on my lungs and it won't be too long before I am coughing and spluttering, but I am so glad to be back. We are having a quiet first day which means we shall be doing Kora round the Stupa and then visiting the various monastery's and having our lunch at the Szcheun monastery which serves delicious vegetarian food, washed down with Everest beer. Tomorrow morning I have my first Chod session with Llama Tenpa in the hotels meditation room. Only in Kathmandu would a hotel devote a whole room to meditation!!
Anyhow the sun is shining and is a pleasant 23c, so we are setting off on our first adventure., Om mani padme hum

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