Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm back

I have decided to start blogging again as reading my old blogs has made me realise what I am missing! 
since my last blog I have got a little Dog, a Chihuahua. Yes I know that I blogged I would never get a dog, but this one is so cute and such a good boy that I think the Universe brought us together.  He is really good company and has got me out walking most days which I have really enjoyed. And because of his size he is completely portable, so he gets to go all over. So far he doesn't bark or whine, he is now house trained and I can trust him all around the house. He has of course been on the receiving end of Reiki nearly every day so I believe that has played its part. I have called him Mindu after a lovely huge Tibetan dog I met the first time I was in Nepal. When I left him I told him that I would have a dog one day and that I would name him after him.....
I am also off on my travels once again. Very soon we are returning back to Nepal where I am spending some time with a Llama to explore Chod practice and then we are going to Varanasi and Boudhgaya in India. Varanasi is the most sacred place for Hindus and upto 66 thousand bathe in the Ganges there everyday. I intend to be the 66001, and then to Boudhgaya where Buddha gained enlightenment. So once again a very spiritual journey and one which has got me back into Blogging, so keep reading and I will keep you updated with my adventures. In the meantime meet Mindu...

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