Friday, 8 June 2012

53- got there !!

Well here I am in Casablanca on my 53rd birthday. Wow cant believe I made it !! 53 I mean.
Casablanca is not so wonderful. Its terribly expensive, the weather is all over the place. Morroccan's dont smile - ever. And all the food has meat in it. Vegetarian is just not in their vocabularly. And to add insult to injury, most of the restuarants are dry, but they all smoke like trains at the table !! We thought about moving to Rabat, but I just cant be bothered to make all the arrangements so we will stick it out here. Its got a nice pool, which is too cold for them, but lovley for me, so spent most of yesterday swimming underwater with the mermaid energy !! And the beds are comfy and the room quiet.  Now I have calmed down I realise that I do need a bit of quiet time to ponder Bali and the rest of my life !!!
Over to Ricks cafe for dinner tonight, off to the pool now to top up my tan, and breathe....
Happy Birthday to me !!!

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