Friday, 1 June 2012

Synchronicity strikes again !

Well its nearly here, another holiday, great ! And good for Dennis as he's been manning the shop as one of our girls is having a rough time. But hopefully we have sorted cover for our absence.
We are still planning Goa. As usual weird things are taking over. When we were in India in March I came across a book by Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, on healing, and discovered that he has an Ashram in Bangalore. They run courses there called 'art of living' which is based on a form of Yoga. I said that I would like to go there and take the course. We had 'pencilled' it in for sometime in the future, as you do. Then as I was reading about Goa I discovered that Bangalore is quite near ( a 9 hour train ride), which I had no idea about, but got me thinking. Then yesterday the lady who is going to train me to do Bars sent over details of a retreat they are doing in the UK and part of that entails Laughter Yoga ( which is why we are going to Goa) so suddenly Laughter Yoga keeps appearing, having never come across it before. The synchronicity is amazing, dont you think. SO now we are trying to arrange a weeks stay in Bangalore to do the Art of Living, then the amazing train journey to Goa so that we can do the Laughter Yoga course. Interestingly the completing the course will enable us both to become certified to take our own classes- so watch out ! And suddenly we have another epic journey and experience on our hands !! Which again appears to be ' pre ordained'. Dennis is also 'up' for doing both courses- he assures me he's not doing them for my sake ( not sure if I believe that). And breathe...
So first we are going to Morocco, with the purpose of being still and resting in the sunshine. I am really looking forward to that and to celebrating another Birthday ( another huge bonus that at times I was not expecting) I am soo looking forward to being 53, another milestone- bring on 54 !!

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