Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Solistice

Well here I am a year later, much stronger and recovered from the ravages of my treatment. Looking back to last Solstice day when I stayed up to see the sun rise ( but actually gave up and went to bed) I have done so many things that I probably wouldnt have, had the C thing not happened.
We went back to Nepal- earlier than we would have,  and we went to Menri and met his Holiness and witnessed the masked dance, and stayed in Shimla. I had past life regression, which was facinating and I still have work to do on the results of that.  Then 6 weeks later I went off to Bali and had a life changing time in so many ways. Then a couple of weeks later Dennis and I took off to Morocco for  a restful time of reflection. We have a couple of weekends planned in the UK, and are still looking at going off to Goa in November.  AND now also going back to Bali next April, as I feel now in retrospect I have some unfinished business there.
It is amazing how liberating a serious illness can be. It really puts everything into perpective. Life takes on a whole new meaning.  For example I no longer worry about growing old, rather look upon that as a cause for celebration- should it happen. I never did worry much about what other people think so now thats completely gone. I dont stress about anything as life's too short.  I try to live in the moment and enjoy as much as I can.
Ha!  longest day and as I type this in my shed at 10.15 am, it is nearly dark !! The rain is pouring down, its more like midwinter than midsummer. I'm almost too cold and thinking about putting the heater on, can you believe it ? You see the weather is like life. You expect because its mid June that the sun will be shining, Strawberries will be ready for picking, the gardens in full bloom. But Mother nature has other ideas, she is not bound by our expectations.  She decides to send cold wet weather just when we least expect it, and then warm rain free winters that lead us into drought situations. Same with life, sometimes you have to make the best of unexpected events.  As for me I'm going out to dance in the rain !! Happy Summer Solstice

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