Monday, 18 June 2012

The Dalai Lama

What a brilliant couple of days and a great way to end a holiday. Firstly I love Manchester, we lived there for about 4 years in the late 80's and I loved it then. So much has changed there -since the IRA blew most of the center up after we left ( luckily)  Mancunians are so friendly and we got that as soon as we got to the hotel. Such a change from Morocco. The hotel which was near the Arena was full of attendees ( you can spot them a mile off, middle to old aged, mostly female ( sounds familiar?)  very drab, awful clothes and no make up, hair long, and that includes their armpits !  ( not familiar). And a few monks. I saw a lady that had attended one of the Glastonbury events, but I didnt speak to her. Mind you she didnt speak to me at those events, I reckon I looked just too dam glamourous to be considered as worthy.  I think a good waxing, haircut and a 10 years younger makeover and she would look great. But I guess thats attachment and grasping ( I'm obviously good at that) But I do find myself asking why ' spiritual women' have to let themselves go. Does that not give Spiritualism a bad image?  Maybe I'm wrong , and I know I am not perfect, but whenever I go to these events they all huddle together and appear to be having deep meaniful conversations. They never have a laugh and let their hair down amd just chill. Which is weird because part of the Dalai Lama 's presentation was about enjoying this life and being free from self imposed constraints. And all the Buddists & Bon monks I have ever met ( and by now I have met a few, in the UK , Nepal, and India) are all fun loving free hearted spirits. So once again I found myself thinking these ladies have their heads up their bottoms. Its just my opinion but when I see them I understand why ' normal' people might get a bit scared.  However I accept they might look at me and think I am not serious enough and silly,  however for once I feel I am able to  challenge that opinion.  For once I do believe that I have enough experience and knowledge on the subject to be considered at the very least their equal. Do you realise how wonderful it feels to be able to write that, at last ?
Anyhow, as I walked over to the arena my mind wandered back to when I used to work in the city and it felt good, old memories, but fond. Having said that I would not want to return to city living, but it felt good to revisit old haunts.
As for the Dalai Lama, he was ace. So charismatic and up to date. He was facinating and down to earth.  On Saturday he gave a free presentation to under 25's, and was assisted by Russell Brand. According to the Newspapers they both did a great double act. Some might think this a strange coupling, but Russell Brand does Transcendental meditation - as does yours truly- and has helped tutor ex military in the US in this discipline. Once again highlighting the fact that you dont have to be boring and pious to gain or impart the benefits of spiritualism. Anyhow part of the DL's teaching was on the 8 ways to train the mind. So much of this reflected the Marharishi's teaching in transcendental movement, that once again I couldnt help but realise how related all this stuff appears to be, just take out the prefix, Hindu, Buddist etc and its all the same. One thing really struck a chord though and this was the part about forgiveness. I so struggle with this one. But when the DL said that we should look upon someone who has hurt us as a spiritual teacher, and although this concept is not new to me, suddenly I felt a whole lot of tension leaving my body. Something that I have not been able to do through endless sessions of forgiveness therapies/ meditations etc. Really, it took him to say it, in context and in the teachings and suddenly I got it. Finally a release. How can it get better than that ?? ......

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