Friday, 25 March 2011


I have Breast Cancer ( keep saying it ) . I discovered a lump during our recent holiday to Nepal- I went to my Doctors as soon as we arrived home and a couple of weeks later here I am with a consultant in a ' quiet' room at our local Breast Clinic being told I have an agressive level 3 cancer ( keep saying it) in my right breast- that it has gone into my lymph system - so I need a CT scan to check for secondaries and that Ishall have a full masectomy within 2/3 weeks followed by Chemo and then radiotheraphy. Bloody Hell didnt sign up for this one. I am also worrying about what that CT scan may find, but hey I'lle sort that when it comes.

Telling friends isnt easy you have to voice it- you are tellng them and yourself some really weird news, you dont feel ill, you look the same, but you have inside you a time bomb thats ticking away ( mine seems to be of the fast side )

Over the past 4/5 years I have been on a journey and on the way i have met a lot of Angels, you know who you are. I dont mean the airey fairy type, I mean real solid 100% human Angels. Everytime I have met one I have wondered why the Universe had sent them to me , sometimes we have discussed this between us- now I think i have the answer.

Just recently one of my Angels suggested in view of that fact that I shall soon be a washed out baldy I should consider semi permanent make up . Good idea , so I called a number and got no answer ( Universe works in really good ways for me) as I then remembered a shop just down the road from my shop that does things for people like me.  I called ,an Angel answered and an appointment made. Within minutes of my arrival Angela ( Angel with an A) had got out her reconstructed boobs - which looked amazing and felt - yes she made me feel them, amazing.

Now this kind of made me think because I was toying with the idea of not have a reconstruction - prefering to be a strong Amazonian type ( you know the woman warriors who cut off thier breasts so that they could better use a bow and arrow )  and also because I remembered an article in the Sunday mags that had photos of beautiful woman who had opted for no reconstruction and had instead tatto's of Ivy and stuff entwined around thier bodies. 

It was also great to speak frankly with someone who had been to hell- and back, and had gone on to carve a great career for herself helping others overcome thier own image struggles. Anyhow we had a great couple of hours going through various ways of keeping me looking normal as I enter the various processes that shall ravage my body. Thank you Angel - a

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