Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Group Hug

This is to you, my friends and Dennis, please be cheerful, I know its hard. Right now i am in a very good place ( I know this is subject to change- but that is my prerogative). I know I have a long slog ahead - but think of the laughs we're gonna have. I am going to milk this opportunity for all I can get, ie with your help I'm going to have a fantastic garden, full re-decoration of the house, all my windows cleaned, washing and ironing done- maybe I can even pull off a charity event to send me off on a fantastic holiday!!  The sky is now my limit !! I have become a spoilt lady of leisure, already.

Had another great day in the garden yesterday- splitting up plants and re potting. I do think Ive lost all my Arum Lillie's though which was a disappointment, but their demise shall make way for something else even better I'm sure.

Dennis at last decided to take the attunement for Reiki I and we started that process yesterday and we shall finish today, I hope that it will give him the peace and strength it provides me with. Universal life force energy - you cant bottle it , but there's a never ending supply and boy am I taking it in at the moment !!

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