Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Halycon Days

Had a great day yesterday. Finished putting up the prayer flags brought back from Nepal, they really take me back to my days doing 'Kora' round the Stupa. I went to the garden center and got a load of Pansies and have put those in tubs. Whilst I was wandering around a little voice said to me ' get a Rowan tree'. For those of you that dont know a Rowan tree is a guardian and protector of the garden, it used to be worshipped and used in rituals by druids, it is believed to contain spirits, and its berries have medicinal qualities. Sounds about right then !!!

Anyhow ordered one to be delivered ( it was quite tall) and have since discovered these trees grow big - I mean upto 25 '  !! I havnt told Dennis ( the potential height) I mean. Anyhow it must be what the garden needs and we shall have a tree planting ceremony soon.

I am very touched by all the messages of good will I am receiving from all over, its almost tangible and it is a great comfort to me. Its also great that everyone has a good sense of humour and makes me smile. In fact I keep finding myself humming and singing as I do stuff, then I stop and get a laugh out of the absurdity of it all...

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