Monday, 28 March 2011

Had another go at our garden, Collette and Christian came over with cakes and chainsaw. We got rid of the last remnants of the old garden, we laughed and chatted about my 'new life' it was nice. I received news of my CT scan which is on Thursday at 6.15, I apparently wont get results until Mon /Tues so another weekend waiting for news !! I am hoping that they will at least give me a date for the op when I go to see the reconstruction surgeon - also on Thursday.  As someone who likes to be in control this is not helping me and I would really like to find out wants happening on the inside of my body. Patience - not my strong point.

I am very thankful for my Reiki experience and for the hours and hours of meditation training as I am using both to visualise clearing and cleansing my body of those nasty black cells that do not belong there, and replacing them with bright white healing light. Another of my angels sent me a really appropriate affirmmation ' Each day I breathe the breath of light into every cell of my body and wash each cell and my body is healed ' This has become my Mantra - along with Om mani padme hum of course!!!

Today I begin anew- I am planting new seeds and plants in my garden and in my life .....

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