Saturday, 26 March 2011

Retail Therapy

It is strange, suddenly I am buying PJ's and new pillows, trying to think ahead to when I will need them. Got my eyes tested - bloody hell hadnt done that for 5 years , just been managing with old reading specs, why am I bothering now. Its quite funny really, got a good deal 2 for 1 so second pair are tinted ( as I believe I shall be outside reading a lot).

The days are passing so quickly, 2 of my Angels are coming today to help tidy my garden, they are staying for lunch, it will be good to see them, although Kieran is so very upset. I find myself comforting him, telling him everything will be ok ( if I keep saying it, it will be ). Many more are contacting me and being very supportive, its great that they can deal with my honesty, it makes it easier for me. Have heard hat I have appointment with reconstruction surgeon next Thursday to discuss the options, still waiting for date of CT scan though which is really the one I want to get out of the way.

Sitting here writing this I am listening to buddist chant cd we brought back from Nepal - it is repeating Om Sangye Menlha - which my Glastonbury Angels will recognise as the Blue Medicine Buddha- Come on Sangye I really need you now ........

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  1. Bronia - it is hard to put into words how I feel on an earthly level after just hearing this news
    On a spiritual levle you are already clear of this cancer.
    The body will empty your mind already knows it and my GOD girl YOU are such an inspiring and wonderful HAPPY and JOYFUL person ! I know this is a chapter that will have a very HAPPY ending....

    You inspire me and I send the GREATEST hug possible - I believe in PRAYER and will send one daily

    YOUR spirit is awesome and your guide is showing you the way - all people working with you are showing you the way to perfect HEALTH

    The tears i shed are the water to assist you in cleansing what is a temporary invassion of a GEY that soon will be filled with LIGHT

    Smile you are loved, hugged and appreciated by so many for all you GIVE - now open your arms and get ready for its time for YOU to receive a wonderful HEALING from HEAVEN

    LET it out shout it loud and CLEAR you are already HEALED

    Love always Chris XXXX