Friday, 1 April 2011

A long day at the hospital

Ok here goes, this is my understanding of whats gonna happen. Provided my CT scan is ok, I am going into hospital on the 18th, they will operate on the 19th. They are going to remove my right breast and ' excise' my lymph nodes from my arm and arm pit. I am not having a full reconstruction at this point ( sorry boys) as the radiotherapy could damage the good tissue. So its a funny little contraption thingy and a falsy for a year. After that time I shall have a full reconstruction and a tummy tuck ( look out boys here I come) !!!

At the same time Dennis was in the ENT dept for a 3 week check on his Bells Palsey and they have decided he should have both an MRI and a CT scan to rule out his have a tumour !!! Can you believe that !! He always has to go one better !!!  They also took blood to test for various viruses like Herpes !!

Later I was back for my CT scan, when I arrived I was given a large bottle of a white liquid and told to imbibe it over he next hour ( how long am I  gonna be here??)  When I eventually got to the scanner feeling sick from the crappy white stuff, I was told by the operator that the 10 year old looking trainee was goin to insert my cannula ( whats that?)  I soon found out as said 10 year old told her tutor she couldnt find a vein. Bloody brilliant !! Anyhow tutor stepped in Cannula inserted and they left the room. Going in and out for the scanner was fine, until they said OK we're gonna pump the dye in now. Suddenly my whole body was on fire, I got a weird taste in my mouth and I felt Id wet myself. Talk about panic - Christ , I thought ,they've put in in the wrong bloody vein.!!!  Not so I found out as the 10 year old waltzed back into the room. As I told her of my shocking experience she very calmly replied ' Oh sorry I forgot to tell you about that ' !!!
Got home 8.45 pm if this is a taste of things to come I wonder how I will fit it all in ....

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