Sunday, 10 April 2011

Body Armour

Did you know that my name is polish ? Even if you did I bet you didnt know it means Armour. Anyhow I am now the proud owner of a piece of body armour otherwise known as a sports bra. I bought three pieces but have to return two because they are rubbing and chaffing my delicate bits. Now  I'm finding this hard to understand because apparently sports bra's have to be very comfy. I am encased in poly whatever from two inches below my bust right up to my neck- or thats what it feels like. the back strap must be three inches wide. Now I know why I dont do sport !!  I also found out my old comfy bra is one size and two cup sizes too small !!!!  How can somthing that 'fits' be so bloody uncomfortable ? Anyhow back to M & S tomorrow to return said items. Trinnie & Suzanna - where are you !

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