Thursday, 28 April 2011

RIP Poly Styrene

Whats happened to the weather ??? Its cold and horrible, I wouldnt mind if it was raining( cos garden needs it) but its not. I hope this is not the start of Summer.

Dennis woke me and told me this morning that Poly Styrene - lead singer with X Ray Spex died aged 59 of Breast Cancer recently. She was diagnosed and dead within weeks. RIP Poly Styrene. Bloody Hell thanks Den - cheered me up no end. Made us have THAT conversation AGAIN.

Anyhow onwards and upwards. Have decided that in memory of Poly and to cheer myself up I need some retail therapy. We shall go into town early so I can return the Body Armour and spend money on things I like instead, then off to see the consultant to get my booby back and have a check up- oh joy!

Royal Wedding tomorrow- will have to see the dress and the carriage thingy- then Kieran is coming round to drag me off shopping for shed things as he is not into Royalty. Thats the trouble with Queens - theres only ever really room for one ....

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