Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Boring Stuff

Feelin good today, had a nice day yesterday , Kieran and Sue came round for lunch and a chat. Managed to get my bra on which will make me feel a bit more comfy when I go walking, which I have been doing quite a bit of, building it up daily. Now when I say Bra I still dont mean the Madge type ones that I am ' supposed' to wear. Im taking those all back for a refund tomorrow. I mean my old tatty ones that do a good job without all that tightness.

Cant make up my mind about tomorrow. I am back to the hospital for check up and removal of this big sticky dressing. Am thinking the actual removal might be a bit painful, but on the other hand it needs to go as its nipping me in all the wrong places now. Oh well shall take a deep breath and think of England ! I will of course let you know how I get on! I shall endeavour to be brave.

In the meantime still researching meditation type stuff for my Summer of Learning and shopping for comfy things to put in my shed. Have a man coming next week to do the ground work in preparation for the installation, so things moving along in that direction.

All boring stuff today - need to get a grip and get some funny mojo back, shall meditate on that later .....

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  1. Sending you big hugs and hope all goes well tomorrow love me and the boys xxx