Friday, 29 April 2011

I dont have Cancer anymore

Had a good afternoon at the hospital. Firstly the dreaded sticky dressing was removed relatively easily by a nurse applying gel. However it left all the sticky stuff on my booby so when I at last got home my Bra had stuck fast and Dennis had to help me peel that off. ( He could hardly contain his excitment) This morning I am still picking off the residue. I am however impressed by how much booby I have left. Its quite a lot, and the scars are very neat- all in all I think surgeon Jenny Smith did a grand job.

Jenny inspected her work and was pleased at my recovery and commented that my suppleness had helped, she was also impressed that I was back walking quite a lot and when  asked if I could start driving she said it was a bit early but because of my progress she would be happy providing I check with my insurance . She then went on to say that my Op was quite a complicated one as she couldnt remove all my lymph nodes as some in my arm were surrounded by scar tissue. That sounded a bit alarming until she explained that it was quite a rare thing and that my immune system had surrounded the nodes and was fighting the cancer itself! Now I believe my body is healing itself because of all the Reiki I have been giving it together with my various meditation/ affirmations clearing the bastard from my body. Whatever has happened Jenny is confident that I NO LONGER HAVE CANCER in my body. ( Her words ) She is confident that she removed all trace of it. I am so glad she repeated that to me as that thought had not occurred to me and it is such a positive statement.
It will now become my Mantra. I NO LONGER HAVE CANCER IN MY BODY.
Of course I shall still have to undergo Chemo and Radiotherapy- to ensure that the Bastard has gone forever and shall not come back. That will be a pleasure and something I shall embrace as a healing process. (Will you all remember that last statement and remind me of this when I am laid flat out by the Chemo.)
My next appointment is May 16th with the deaded Oncologist ( Cancer man) this will be to measure me up for correct Chemo dose and to plan the treatment. I am told that Chemo usually starts within a fortnight of this appointment. What a wonderful birthday pressie. Before then I aim to take the transendental meditation course and have a botox boost so that my forehead shall be as smooth as my scalp. Off  now to see THAT dress ........

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