Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Common Touch

What a dress, didnt Kate look brill, understated chic. Just shows what the common touch can do and its about time we saw someone normal in that position, what a wonderful incentive for little girls.  At last we could actually grow up and marry a prince. See what being ' in recovery' does- you get to watch all the stuff on tv you would never normally bother with. Have to say I did actually enjoy watching it though.

Today I am going into town with Kieran to buy things for my shed and the garden, we shall have lunch out ( prob fish n chips in Cleethorpes). Then we shall pop into the shop as I am meeting a couple of friends there. Then back home and maybe a walk later. I walked for an hour yesterday which is my PB since my Op, and felt no bad effects. We thought we would go for the 'green lane ' on Monday which is a bit further.

Booby is ok- although a bit mishapen - but hey I thought I'd end up with a hole in my chest so half a booby is better than none - right? Problem is that a lot of it seems to be disappearing under my arm, like carrying a rolled up towel under the arm- but am assuming it is post op swelling and that it will end up back in front of me- who knows?

Anyhow ' Beltane' tomorrow - 1st May. I think I am supposed to get up at dawn and dance naked round the Rowen tree, now THAT would give the neighbors something to talk about ..........emmm maybe !

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