Monday, 25 April 2011

Bored/ Frustrated/ Rant

Dont you just hate Bank Holidays ? I think I used to like them when I was working, but that seems so long ago.  Today I am sitting here feeling pissed off because I am still very sore and its been a WEEK! Theres so much I want to do and CANT!  I am so aware that once I start CHEMO summer its probably going to slow me down so am like a mad thing wanting to get things done/organised before I get to that point, which could be in 4 weeks.  I cant drive and I'm not sure how long the ban is- I think a fortnight should do it. In the meantime I have decided I would like to learn Transcendental Meditation but if I cant drive it limits my horizions. I have to rely on Dennis ( and dont forget he has only one eye at present), so he's not the most reliable. At the same time we have a shop to staff and its his mothers birthday in the middle of it all!

Decision - I dont care. I am going on that course. This is my SUMMER OF LEARNING and it is important that I stick to my agenda. Good,made my mind up.  Fuck the cancer/chemo thing. I shall be fine to drive as soon as they get this great big sticky thing off my new booby,  which will be on Thursday. I shall get on the website site now and arrange it, and then up to my room to meditate and calm down....

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