Thursday, 14 April 2011


Ahh back to where my journey began, Whitby. It was here around this time 4/5 years ago that my journey started on  a walk from Sandsend to Whitby, here that I had my emphiphany and discovered that I wanted to follow my healing path. Bloody hell who thought it would end up like this. Anyhow - back to Whitby, had a lovely break, we went up to Holy Island which I decided I would like to visit. Funnily enough just as I was thinking - there is no atmosphere/ energy  here, or is it the 'Heathen' buddist/ hindi in me coming through, when Dennis commented the same. My God is this Reiki 1 manifesting in him ?? Anyhow great place to visit, just dont expect any vibes. Anyhow it was nice to get back there and we have made a promise to be back for the Goths party at Halloween. Suitably dressed of course - already busy planning a super duper fuck off wig to premier !!

Had to come back early to get to hospital to see the surgeon whos hands will be in my body next Monday to sign my consent forms. Now,who's not going to consent?  Anyhow as she was explaining the Op to me I told her not to worry about the cosmetic result - just get the bloody thing out of my body- it does not belong to me, it is an Alien who has not been invited. I think she got the message.  Then she took photos of my boobs for prosterity ( and for future refs when she rebuilds my right one ) Asked me if i minded them being used for educational purposes- I of course said ' do what you want with them'  , may live to regret that one, but hay could be my only chance to get on the internet !! She is really nice and I feel every confidence in her ability, and I know she will do her very best. She thinks I shall be in for approx 3 nights- so shall be out in time for Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs, hurrah !! Thank you Angels for sending me lots of love and cherished gifts- Crystals and Meditation CD's goin to hospital with me.......

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