Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter !!

I hope you have all got lots of Easter Eggs, I got a Baileys one which I shall stuff my self with this afternoon as I am obviously still in recovery and DESERVE the love and comfort that loads of Chocolate brings. Lets face it most of us thinks Chocolate 's better than sex , and sex is definitely out of the question at the moment. I mean how would poor Dennis manage? . He still cant kiss me cause his mouth doesnt work properly, and his one good eye would be looking at my very attractive bandage holding whats left of my booby in place. Ah well - shame - lots of Chocolate it is !! Good job I bought him one as well - I got him a Celebrations one !!!

Kieran and Graham came round again yesterday and I took great delight in showing them my new nubile booby, in fact I am becoming quite fond of it, so much so I am beginning to think I shan't bother with getting reconstructed but get the other one reduced to match ! I shall ponder on that and have decided to do a pro's and con's list to assist my decision - more on that later..

I have also decided not to waste my Summer of Chemo on being sick, and am exploring possible courses I could take. I am thinking that I should like to gain some certificate in Meditation to enable me to pass on the healing that I get from it to others once Winter gets here. Anyhow its just an idea at present but am sending it out to the Universe to see what it brings back to me.

Collette came round last evening and I took pleasure in showing her my Op site - I cant help feeling that this Operation has brought out some kind of exhibitionist in me. I mean I wasnt shy about that kind of thing before, but now it seems to have gotten worse. Bloody Hell, just got a vision of me doing topless sunbathing on Cleethorpes Beach. Think of the headlines - shall be in the papers again- you see I cant help myself....

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