Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sports Bra !!

Hey isnt it funny- I have to go and be measured for a sports bra- ME !!  Why I hear you ask, are you taking up trampolining again ?? No I am having my boob cut off and apparently I need the support of a sports bra whilst recovering. Weird or what, what is there to support ??  Now usually I enjoy a bit of RT but this, no way. I hate bra's most times and this I find hard to stomach ( I know I am overeacting) but the thought of being encased in armour really does not appeal to me. Anyhow rant over I shall be a good prospective patient and get it over with. Maybe I will get a tassle for my one remaining Nip- that thought makes me feel better.

2 of my angel friends are around tonight, that means copious ammounts of wine and lots of laughs. I intend to show them my new coffe table books, like ' Breast Reconstruction - all you need to know' 'The Boudica Within' etc and we can discuss the pro's and cons of implants versus skin flaps. Oh how things have changed. Its no problem though, I know we shall still have a really good evening- its times like this you really appreciate having good close friends.......

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  1. HA HA a sports bra thats brilliant! I bought one because i have been doing a lot of trampolining to get fit for Mt Kailash but lasted about 2 minutes in it - body armour it certainly is! i have gone back to bouncing on my trampolin using my hands to hold the girls to avoid black eyes!!! suzxxx