Monday, 4 April 2011

My New Look

Spent a fantastic Friday afternoon with Angel- a , in her positive image clinic, where I had my eyebrows  and eyelids tattoed in preparation for baldness totallity. The initial result was two very large caterpillars crawling across my brow and two black slits where my eyes used to be. Thankfully true to Angela's word three days in and a glamourous? normality is creeping back into my face, imagine not having to apply make up for 2 years, think of all the time that is gonna save me, and believe me I am really begining to appreciate time. We had a good laugh though and its great to chat with someone who has gone through it all. We have even planned for head shaving and wig selection.

Spent the weekend in Norfolk - taking Dennis ( who is still one-eyed ) down to see his 92 year old mother to celebrate Mothers day. She is very frail and beginning to get very confused, but she was glad to see him and we had a nice time. She is in a lot of pain and I tried to help with a gentle massage - old age is very cruel.

As I write this I am waiting to hear of my CT scan results. Barbara - my Breast Nurse said she will call me as soon as they get them. If it is good news she will tell me over the phone, if its bad I will have to go in and get them. OMG the waiting's terrible, I keep running over her saying ' can you pop in on Friday ?'  or something like that, and its real torture. I tell you the imagination is an evil nasty thing. Come on Barbara - hurry up !!!

Soldier on - bought a load more plants for the garden, and plan to spend a bit of time out there this afternoon, provided the weather holds, I need to sort out my border, at the moment it looks just like my eyebrows did.

Barbara - my Breast Nurse gave me a book called ' The Boudica Within ' which is a book of stories and lovely naked pictures of women who have survived this shite and is well worth the read. I had forgotten about Boudica, for those who dont know she was a warrior Queen from East Anglia ( my part of the world) who led the Iceni tribe to battle against the Romans. I think she got as far as London. She was fierce and merciless and single minded in her mission to run those invaders out of Britain. Feels like I need to connect to  my Boudica within and run my bastard invaders out of my body......

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