Saturday, 16 July 2011

Feckin FEC

What a day I had on Thursday. Apparently my veins knew what was coming and decided to shrink back into my body - can this be so?? Anyhow after waiting for an hour to get the bloody stuff it took 6 attempts to insert the canula into a vein. And please bear in mind each time they have to find a new vein. After attempt number four I almost decided the Universe was say 'NO' not today, and was tempted to tell them all where to stick it ( as they couldnt stick it in me). Then an ultra sound machine appeared and after 2 attempts the canula was inserted- why oh why didnt they get the machine through before then ?? My nurse had bad energy and I was stuck there for another one and a half hours with her injecting it thru. I was dreading the last FEC and my thoughts obviously followed through.  Ah well thats all over and done with now and am pleased to report so far side effects are not as bad as last time. I have however reached baldness totality - even the bit of stubble that was coming thru fell out over the last couple of days. I have however managed to retain my eyelashes and stubbornly my eyebrows. I have celebrated my eyelashes by investing in some new mascara that adds volume, lenght and bells and whistles and am enjoying my facial hair.  Its great havin really smooth legs - and other places that we wont go into right now.  Have also to add am loving my new cleavage, cant wait to get out there and show it off , shame the weathers so crap ...

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