Monday, 11 July 2011

What a week

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Phew busy week, Mon/ Tues spent on a Meridian Massage course in Grantham being taught by Stefan who has wonderful energy. He worked on my Bladder Meridian and I could feel my body re connecting. I got to my hotel on Monday evening and slept like a baby, which I dont normally do in a strange bed. Met up with Jennifer on the course so was good to see a freindly face and catch up. It also did me good to do something ' normal' and challenging. I was unsure how my arm would cope with doing a massage but it was fine.

Then down to healing Glastonbury for 3 days. We went to Chalice Well and I drank the healing water- which tastes rusty, although Dennis said he couldnt taste anything . Then on Thursday we visited Avebury and had a lovely day walking around the standing stones and then walking around the manor house gardens and visitor centre. Then in the car for a short drive to West Kennett long barrow. Its a wonderful place out in the middle of a field. You can walk right into it and at the end someone had lit a candle. I left a flower offering and we just stood there soaking in the peace of the place- lovely.  Then back to Glastonbury where I had a healing session of crystal meditation followed by a tibetian bowl sound bath- which gave me a revelation in relation to how I feel about my current situation. Then later to meet up with my dear friend Em, we had a lot of catching up to do. Isnt it great when you meet up with someone after a while and you both fall into that easy conversation you have with friends you see more often? We spent an easy Saturday- well it was after I recovered from my walk up the Tor !, wandering around the Abbey grounds before having to leave for home, always such a shame when you are having a good time. Wew, see a great week , now it gets serious - I have to be at the Breast clinic for 8.30 tomorrow to have my tissue expander inflated and then dreaded Thursday - my third and final FEC chemo. Shall have a small celebration to celebrate reaching halfway through Chemo I think before I enter the unknown and experience the final three doses of Texotar- Bring it on !!!!......

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