Friday, 29 July 2011

Party celebrating Eyelashes

I still  have some eyelashes so am having the girls round tonite to celebrate the fact. Well its a good excuse for a real good blowout. Cant stand alcohol for about a week and a half after chemo, but thankfully the rest of the time am slurping away quite happily. So tonite we shall have a shed party complete with BBQ ( weather doesnt look great) but who cares, us girls will have some fun.  Have some nice bubbly pinot in the fridge chillin and feelin good.

Had a lovely couple of days in Whitby- my spiritual birthplace, discussing what I want to do with the rest of my life. Havnt fully decided what yet, although I dont want to continue in the othodox manner. I deffinately want to travel more and follow my spiritual path to wherever the universe wants me to be. There's nothing like staring death in the face to make you decide your priorities, and boy do I have some. Just gotta get this bloody Chemo finished - am like a dog with a bone or a horse chomping on the bit !!  Simon said I have to look out for opportunities falling into my lap and not to dimiss them because of practicalities, so here I am - lap open and waiting and into my in box comes an email from a dear friend giving me lots of food for thought .... I love the Universe

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