Tuesday, 2 August 2011

All is Well ( in my world)

Alls well in my world, had a good few days mucking around the house. Had the girls round on Friday evening which was brill, then Sunday Graham and Keiran came over for lunch. Had a lovely reflexology session with Colllette yesterday.  And now am planning a quick visit to Scotland to see another dear friend in August. Yes I know I said I wasnt going anywhere in August but this is an unexpected suprise and I'm really looking forward to it.
Have completed my first attempt at a magazine article and shall be sending it off this week, so may get something published - who knows ??
Going to do a bit in the garden this morning and tomorrow I have a Reiki sesson at the Odessey center followed by an appointment at the Macmillan suite to discuss Thursday and my blood test. Yuck
Then of course Thursday itself- what a bummer !!! Just get to 'alls well in my world' and then have the dreaded Thursday.
Ah well as I am living in the NOW Thursday is a bloody long way off.  So off to the garden ....

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