Friday, 26 August 2011

Poor little pin cushion me !!!

Bloody Hell - took 5 attempts to get canula in yesterday- again. Apparently my veins go into spasm when they get into them. Whatever !! Only one more dose to go, so I guess I can cope. Feelin ok still, but it was Saturday evening before I started to croak last time, so going all out to install my new computer which means I can now work in my shed, having a 'wireless' connection. So here I am in shed looking out at the rain and writing this. Freedom eh?? Anyhow shall start ASAP on my website- which is going to be dedicated to cancer suffers. Although shall not be medical, there are already loads of them scaring people shitless- just looking at the practical side of things and giving tips on getting started on this journey. I also intend that there shall be forums as it is important for sufferers to be able to communicate with others. So really it will be dependant on people joining in. I think its great if you can get online and off load 24/7 about things you may not want to discuss with nursing staff or family. To admit you're scared to people in the same boat could be quite carthartic. As will be the black humour which is bound to pop around. There are so many of us out there, all having different experiences, but to be able to share good and bad stuff with people who get where you're coming from is very supportive. It will be dedicated to all types of cancer not just breast. So again will be dependant on poeple loggin on. Anyhow might be crap as never tried to build website let alone add on a forum. But who dares wins - right ?? Anyhow shall keep you all updated on my progress.  So far all the people in the cancer associated world think its a good idea - just hope I can carry it off. No pressure then ???...

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