Thursday, 4 August 2011

Arrgh its 4 in the morning !!!

Cant sleep, couldnt sleep last night either. apparently its a possible side effect of taking 8 steriods per day for three days. Ah well only one more day to go. How long can you take sleep depredation- Ill  let you know. Other than that my first experience of Taxotare was ok, Having spent the morning meditating and affirming to the Universe that my body and veins were willing and open to receive and armed with just about every crystal under the sun we set out for the hospital. The previous nurse was on duty but thankfully I was called in by a different one ( who had a sense of humour) I told her she had two attempts to insert canula before I started shouting for the machine and she got it in first time hurrah !!  This is not without its own problems, just before I went through a lady that is on same course as me had a reaction to her first dose and they had to administer some kind of antidote stuff. So when I got mine they kept asking me if I had any pain or shortness of breath- thankfully I did not and my body sucked in all the Taxotere without complaint. And presently apart from feeling hyper and cranky am ok. However I have been warned that I will suffer from runs, joint pain and tiredness- well tiredness is a dead cert - on account of my current inability to sleep, and that my immunity may take a dive for the worse at this point. So have to avoid any risk of infection, oh and skin rash may occur after 2 weeks. Any of these symptoms are to be reported to Macmillan immediately.  Other than that only two more doses to go. On a more leveling note, as I sat down they was a lady next to me who we got chatting to, turns out she has to have chemo every three weeks to keep her alive- so far she has managed 12 months of it. After she left a guy sat next to me and he is under the same regime and has been going for 14 months. The lady looked a bit older than me but the guy was 4 years younger. I think the Universe was telling me to stop bloody moaning and be thankful I'm not in their're position- dont you ?.....

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