Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sick to death

What can I say- this has been the worst experience so far. I havnt been able to leave the house except to go to the docs yesterday as I awoke with a very sore throat. She has prescribed pennicillan and told me to avoid anyone with an infection as my immune system has long gone. I have to closely monitor my temperature as any reading over 38 means I have to ring the hospital. Apart from a sore throat I also have very tender fingertips and the inside of my mouth is really tender all along my back teeth my gums are killing. This means talking and eating ( my only two pleasures at present ) have now become very difficult. All in all a shit week !!  Thrush is under control now, however it is well known that antibiotics can make thrush worse, God I hope it doesnt come back.
I have to make an amazing recovery as I am going to Scotland next week for a couple of days to visit Suz and her sister Karen - we were part of the group on the original visit to Nepal. And they have become very dear friends supporting me through this. I will be so pissed if I cant get there. So  I am going to spend the day healing in my shed. Meditiation, Reiki, Visualisation, you name it, its all going off today. I have to get myself up and about.  Am slightly worried though- if this is the effect one dose of Taxetere has- how am I going to be over the next two ???          ........................

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