Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Home Alone

Have been left on my own !! Dennis obviously feels I can look after myself and has gone down to Norfolk for the night to visit his Mother. With my blessing of course, but he has been panicking about leaving me- I think he is worried that I might relapse if left on my own. Funny isnt it. I am quite happy to be here on my own- lets face it I,m not brilliant company at the moment. I can listen to the radio, meditate, do Reiki on myself, have a long bath, watch a film, all kinds of things without having to hold a conversation with anyone for 24 hours- bliss.
I am feeling better today, although not as good as I had hoped. Although thankfully no sign of the dreaded Thrush for which I am exceedingly grateful
Its just that I still feel really knackered, no energy. My arms ache just typing this. I keep waiting for the switch, which when it happens occurs very suddenly. One minute I feel like shit the next I feel completely energised. I am going to dedicate the afternoon to meditation and visualisation on that subject it in hope it will bring it on. I need to get my life back for a couple of weeks before the final flattening one. Come on Universe give me the energy......

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