Wednesday, 24 August 2011

One more to go

Had a great evening with Sue imbibing the last alcohol  for a good few days and putting the world to rights. Am at hospital later today to have a meeting with Val the Chemo nurse and then to have my blood tested to ensure I am strong enough to have the Chemo tomorrow. I have to start taking Steriods today which probably means I wont sleep well from tonight. Oh the joys of treatment. Mind you - theres always someone worse off than yourself. Yesterday I heard from Kieran that Graham's brother has been diagnosed with an inoperable cancer and been told to finish work and get his affairs in order. Poor man what a shock that must be, at least Ive had time to adjust and consider my mortality. Just shows that you should never put off doing something that you really want to do, because sometimes you just literally run out of time and you dont want to have to many regrets. I dont have many thats for sure, and when I finish these treatments I am going to make sure I have no regrets for as long as I remain clear of this bugger. So watch out everyone as I only have one more month slowed down by this and then I'm up and running. What am I going to do, I hear you thinking- well just watch this space !!!!!

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