Monday, 22 August 2011

Soul Sisters

Had a brilliant weekend in Scotland with Suzi and Karen, it was great to catch up as I hadnt seen then for nearly a year. Has an explore around Suzi's land and then discovered that there was a Body & Spirit fair in Glasgow on  Saturday that we decided to attend. We also discovered that Simon Goodfellow was also there and he was doing a demo on mediumship.  It was really interesting and we all got a  few minutes reading from him. We were all impressed. so much so that we have changed our minds about attending a class in London re physic development in favour of attending Simons.
But what I really got from this weekend was confirmation that I am surrounded by a group of woman that are all supporting me in many different ways and its very touching to know. You will know who you all are and some of you have met. Eventually I hope you will all meet and we can have a cracking party to celebrate. It really is comforting to know that I can call on any of you if / when I need to and that you will be there. I have decided that you are all my Soul Sisters and I love each and everyone of you. Yuk cant believe I just said that must be feeling really mushy today. Anyhow a great weekend and now its all downhill to Thursday and my penultimate chemo, better make the most of being able to eat and drink everything while I can as god knows what suprises are in store for me with this next dose. BTW have decided to launch my website for all cancer sufferers and am starting to develop it - shall keep you all posted on its progress... peace and love xx

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