Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chemo Brain

Well here I am in my shed on my pc. Racked with shooting pains from my knees to my teeth. Yea I know it sounds wierd but this stuff shoots around my body triggering stabbing pains that move continually. Anyhow I'l survive, whatever the bugger throws at me. Just hard coping with Chemo brain as I try and type this my brain keeps misfiring and I have to keep going back to rectify stuff. Anyhow only one more after this, and then a holiday and then radiotherapy and then I hopefully get my life back. My new life that is. Havnt quite decided what that will be but I have many thoughts on the subject. It really does depend on my prognosis, obviously. Anyhow we are at the back end of summer, I always think that August Bank holiday is the last real day of Summer. And I have to admit that for once I am not sorry to see it go, to let go of my Summer of Learning and have time to reflect on my lessions, but I'm not complacent as I still have a lot of work to do. As soon as I get my brain back I intend to start working on my website.  Watch this space and make the most of the Bank holiday !!

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