Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The countdown

Had a nice morning collecting Damsons from down our lane, so that I can make jam at the weekend, and looking forward to having a Reiki session with David at the Odessey center at 1pm today.  Later round to Sue's for a glass of wine or two. All in all a good day. Its turned rather cold today, quite a change from yesterday - but thats English summer for you. Have taken a chance and booked a holiday to Gran Caneria in October, which will be after chemo and before radiotherapy. Need to check with insurance company that they are happy with this I suppose, although as I dont have cancer anymore cant see it should be a problem, but we all know how akward insurance companies can be.  Intend to buy a new laptop tomorrow as our old pc seems to have died on us, and with our wireless hub status it means I can spend more time in the shed working on my various projects. This will be very important in the next few days as it means I shall be able to access the web while in my Chemo fog, so no need to waste time feeling sorry for myself.  I can get on with my plans.  Cant help but wonder what delights this dose will have for me, but cant wait to get it as only one more after this......

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