Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sleepy Tuesday

I should be working on my webpage but my brains still numb. It is improving and we went to the supermarket this morning and I bought a bottle of Cidre ( this is always a good sign). However I am still really tired. Keep having to lie down and close my eyes. I am still optimistic that this one is not as bad as the last one and that I will improve dramatically tomorrow. If I could just get over this mind blowing fatique I will have cracked it.  Am looking at booking more courses including one to enable me to teach meditation which I shall enjoy doing. Trouble is with all the hospital appointments, radiotherapy etc I seem to have a busy calender- no time to be sick!
Just found out that Grimsby hospital will give me free parking in future- typical as I have nearly finished there, but hey its good news for others in the same boat. Because they are always late in the Macmillan Suite you always end up paying at least £3 for parking and then you have to attend for blood checks etc. It all adds up and if people are on sick pay its must be a great strain on thier finances. So about time Grimsby. Now all we need is for the Humber Bridge to give concessions on Tolls for visits to Castlehill for Radiotherapy and that would also be a great help.  Anyhow politcal rant over- need to lie down and close my eyes .......

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