Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Next !!!

Feeling much better today, almost back to normal. Had a good day yesterday, went into town for some retail therapy. Firstly into Sainsbury's to buy booze ( always a sign I'm in recovery ), then over to Next to treat myself. Ohh it was lovely to feel normal again. Then a very fast drive home- again part of the recovery process. And now today I have a Reiki session with David at the Odessey center and then over to Cleethorpes to visit a friend who has just finished her shed. What a lovely day. Tomorrow I shall prepare for my trip up to Scotland. I am so excited Suz, Karen and I have so much catching up to do. Firstly I cant wait to hear of their journey to mnt Kaliash, then we  have a lot of chatting to do about our spiritual paths ( which keep crossing). Will be a fab weekend.

Then over the horizon next Thursday - number 5 chemo hit , oh I cant wait

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