Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Burning, Burning, cant you see I'm Burning

Bloody hell just get rid of the wracking pains ( which apparently is quite normal) when suprise suprise  I get thrush. However the thrush is not in my mouth no sir not this time. This time it is in the 'other' place. And it is really BAD.  Those of you that have had it will know the mad itch scratch itch cycle that never ends until the burn occurs, followed by itch scratch itch BURN.  Got the tablet thingy yesterday, but unhappy to report it hasnt worked for me, all night waking up scratching. My poor little bits are RAW.  Called the hospital again this morning and they said I needed to get a prescription from my doctore for something stronger. Which has now been arranged, bloody hell what next, its like the seven plagues of Eygpt. Why oh why when I told them I was worried that my oral Thrush would move did they not give my a prescription for that?? Why do they make you suffer unnecessarily?? Because they are SADists thats why !! I think they love to hear about your body functions going weird, they probably have a competition to find the weirdest as a highlight of thier day.
Anyhow enough of my personal problems- I wont even get started on my Bowel problems. Listen to me, I am becoming one of those old dears who moans all the time and who's favourite topic is body functions.  Only another two sessions of this torture to go, and then I will need to start working on repairing the damage the chemo has done to my body. Thats if a have a body left, I certainly dont recognise this one anymore !! ..

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